10 simple and beautiful ways to use jam


Whether you practice the art of making your own preserves, or you just buy quality jam from the store, you probably have a jar of jam as part of your pantry essentials. But did you know that besides topping your buttered toast or your plain yoghurt, there is much more to do with jam? Great for lunch box ideas or snacks, sweet or savoury treats, jam is the perfect ingredient to add flavour, colour and sweetness to your life!

Here are 10 recipes and ideas using jam for you to explore, enjoy and share. Some of these recipes are easy enough to try baking with kids, as well as being delicious and beautiful. Happy Cooking!

1. Dollop

Strawberry Panna Cotta. Use jam as a topping for your Panna Cotta, add some fresh fruits and…impress your guests!

2. Bake

This recipe of Boysenberry and hazelnut friands is as delicious as it looks!

Photo and recipe by simmer & boyle

3. Glaze

To make classic glazed ham or delicious glazed chicken wings, just mix together jam, sugar and mustard and brush all over the meat throughout the cooking process. 

4. Fill

Explore this recipe of delicious, fresh doughnuts filled with your favourite jam.

Photo by Barker’s New Zealand

5. Blend

Add a teaspoon (any flavour) to your usual salad vinaigrette. It will add some more flavour and it’s the perfect emulsifier to blend the oil and vinegar together.

Photo by Barker’s New Zealand

6. Combine

A great recipe of Raspberry Cashew Waffles, easy to make and even easier to eat!

Photo and recipe by Laura Ford Nutrition

7. Top

Top a wheel of Brie with a few spoonsful of boysenberry jam, sprinkle walnuts on top, and bake together at 210oC for 8-10 mins until brie is beginning to melt and bread is brown on top.

Photo by Barker’s New Zealand

8. Slow Cook

The best way to enjoy this recipe of Apricot Jam Pulled Pork is to stuff it into a bun with tangy coleslaw! 

Photo and recipe by feedmeichi

9. Spread

Add jam to your home-made pancakes or crepes for a perfect weekend treat!

10. Create

Create shaped coloured toast with the kids, using different jam flavours…Have fun!

What Jam Flavour Are You?


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