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Jammy Coconut Slice

Jammy Coconut Slice

Recipe and Photography by Lauren Marino (@lm_nutrition)

Mixed Berry Compote Hot Cross Buns_1

Berry Compote Stuffed Hot Cross Buns

Recipe and Photography by Lauren Marino (@lm_nutrition)


Host a party without the fuss – Tips and recipes to impress your guests

Everyone loves sharing great food, drinks and conversations with friends, especially if you’re invited to a dinner party – but what about the host?  Preparing for a dinner party can be complicated and stressful. We’ve put together these few tips and recipes ideas that should help you stay relax and enjoy your own party! Avoid […]


10 simple and beautiful ways to use jam

Whether you practice the art of making your own preserves, or you just buy quality jam from the store, you probably have a jar of jam as part of your pantry essentials. But did you know that besides topping your buttered toast or your plain yoghurt, there is much more to do with jam? Great […]


Five exciting recipes using Chipotle sauce

Bringing the heat!  As people get a taste for the added flavours spice brings to food, it seems this trend shows no sign of cooling off. If you don’t believe us, check out the plethora of hot sauce challenges on YouTube!  Perhaps the most astounding trend is the sudden rise of Chipotle sauce. This delicious combination of […]


These cocktails are so good you’ll need to Uber home

These days we’re all looking to develop healthier lifestyles, but we still need the odd comfort food treat or indulgent drink. Everything in moderation, as the saying goes. So, when it comes to celebrating with friends and family, for a special occasion or even just a ‘because life should be celebrated’ kind of indulgence, we […]


Quiz: What Jam Flavour Are You?


Who said you can’t make friends with salad

Do you think of salads as a “just” replacement in a ‘meat and three veg’ meal in warm weather? Have they just become a way to get your important daily veg and fruit intake, but not the most interesting thing on the plate? We’ve come a long way from the days when salads were just […]


These frozen treats will make you wish it was summer all year round

When the temperatures start to rise the little kid in all of us starts to think about the cool delicious delights of ice cream, icy poles and other frozen treats. One of this year’s biggest food trends are frozen treats – from the simple joys of vanilla ice cream, through to more adult frozen pleasures. […]

Photo by from Pexels

Best re-use of BBQ leftovers for next day lunches

It’s that time of year again, post-Christmas, post-NYE, summer school holidays in full swing. All of which means – a fridge full of leftovers! One of the delights of summer is eating outdoors, and what better than a BBQ with family and friends? Whether it’s your own backyard, a local park, or while camping, BBQs […]

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