Best re-use of BBQ leftovers for next day lunches

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It’s that time of year again, post-Christmas, post-NYE, summer school holidays in full swing. All of which means – a fridge full of leftovers!

One of the delights of summer is eating outdoors, and what better than a BBQ with family and friends? Whether it’s your own backyard, a local park, or while camping, BBQs are a sign that it’s summer.

Another sign it’s summer, and the social season is in full swing, is leftover food. No matter how good you are at planning, the fear that there “won’t be enough food” drives the best of us to over-catering.

Some of your extra food may go into your compost bin if you have one – but not everyone has the space for composting, and not all food can be recycled this way.

Did you know?

FoodWise, a national campaign run by not-for-profit group DoSomething, says the amount Australians throw away is staggering. “Aussies throw out $8 billion worth of edible food every year”. 

NSW households throw away on average an estimated $1,036 worth of edible food per year. 

The same study found that the two main reasons for the waste were food being left in the fridge or freezer too long and people not finishing their meals.

The good news is that extra food can be used for scrumptious lunches and dinners for the next day and beyond!

So, before you throw out any of the leftovers so you can shut the fridge door again, consider some of the yummy options they offer. Pizzas, delicious salads, and tasty sandwiches that are anything but routine or dull – BBQ leftovers can provide you with days of delicious meals. 

Leftover chicken? No problem, turn it into a family favourite for dinner the next day! For example, a grilled Feta pizza with chicken is a great home-made treat, pairing your leftover chicken with the melted deliciousness of feta.

While it can be easy to think of uses for leftover meat, what to do with small amounts of vegetables can be trickier, especially when you have kids. But even better than composting, try using them in something like this vegetable pakora salad with fruit chutney yoghurt – use up whatever vegetables you have, making them nice and crispy, and serve with a fruit chutney of your choice.

For more ideas, check out some of these delectable recipes:

Photo by from Pexels

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