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Five exciting recipes using Chipotle sauce

Bringing the heat!  As people get a taste for the added flavours spice brings to food, it seems this trend shows no sign of cooling off. If you don’t believe us, check out the plethora of hot sauce challenges on YouTube!  Perhaps the most astounding trend is the sudden rise of Chipotle sauce. This delicious combination of […]


These cocktails are so good you’ll need to Uber home

These days we’re all looking to develop healthier lifestyles, but we still need the odd comfort food treat or indulgent drink. Everything in moderation, as the saying goes. So, when it comes to celebrating with friends and family, for a special occasion or even just a ‘because life should be celebrated’ kind of indulgence, we […]


Quiz: What Jam Flavour Are You?


Who said you can’t make friends with salad

Do you think of salads as a “just” replacement in a ‘meat and three veg’ meal in warm weather? Have they just become a way to get your important daily veg and fruit intake, but not the most interesting thing on the plate? We’ve come a long way from the days when salads were just […]


These frozen treats will make you wish it was summer all year round

When the temperatures start to rise the little kid in all of us starts to think about the cool delicious delights of ice cream, icy poles and other frozen treats. One of this year’s biggest food trends are frozen treats – from the simple joys of vanilla ice cream, through to more adult frozen pleasures. […]


Discover dishes inspired by six of the world’s most popular holiday destinations

In an ideal world, we all have the time and finances to fund an exciting trip around the world, making sure we visit all the cities on our ‘to do’ list.  In reality, however, us mere mortals only have a limited amount of resources and annual leave. As much as we’d love to YOLO it […]

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The difference between chutney, relish and pickles

The words chutney, relish and pickles often cause much confusion, especially since they are often used interchangeably. Impress your guests by learning the difference between the three.  1. Chutney Normally made with fruit and fragrant spices, chutney usually has a thick and chunky texture. Chutney has its origins from India where it was called ‘chatni’ […]


Things you always wanted to know about chipotle sauce

The popularity of Mexican food and produce has now spread well-beyond Mexico and America. Along with the opening of Mexican, and Mexican-fusion style restaurants, individual foods have become common on grocery store shelves world-wide. One of the most popular products becoming a staple in many pantries is Chipotle Sauce. But what is Chipotle sauce, and […]


What is boysenberry

Boysenberries: adding a twist to some old favourites When we think of berries, the first to come to mind are probably strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or blueberries. However, there are other lesser known berries which are the result of cross-breeding these more well-known forms. The best known of these unique cultivated berries are loganberries and boysenberries. […]

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Four reasons to use compote in your cooking

Making desserts is a popular evening or weekend activity for many in Australia. Fruit desserts are especially popular, especially when using fruit that is currently in season and readily available. When home cooks are asked whether they will be using fresh or preserved fruit, there is a likelihood that many will insist on using fresh […]

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