Five foods to give you more Netflix time

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‘Netflix and chill’ may be so 2015, but ‘Netflix and snack’ is so in right now. We’re all for enjoying our favourite Netflix shows with a glass of your favourite beverage and something to nibble on. The best Netflix food should be light, snack-y and tasty; not only that, they should not take too much time to prepare. This ensures that you have more time to binge-watch Stranger Things, naturally.

1. Buffalo wings

What’s not to love about Buffalo wings? They’re moreish, addictively tasty and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Despite its name, this popular dish does not contain buffalo. Instead, the dish originates from Buffalo in upstate New York and only chicken wings are used.

Chicken wings are generally inexpensive to buy and making a large batch of finger licking Buffalo wings takes almost no time. Buffalo wings are traditionally deep fried, then coated or dipped in melted butter and a vinegar-based cayenne pepper sauce or spicy Habanero sauce. We highly recommend you put generous doses of sauce in the marinade – and make sure you save some extra sauce for dipping.

Sweet chilli relish pizza

2. Sweet chilli relish pizza

It won’t be a proper Netflix food list without mentioning the classic pizza. Instead of walking to your local pizzeria, however, we suggest making your own from scratch. Not only will you save money and time (the pizza shop usually says it’s ready in 20 minutes, but usually you wait more than 40 minutes…), you can truly make the pizza your own by creating a customised topping combination.

We recommend giving the traditional tomato base a miss and trying something different such as a sweet chilli relish base, before adding your favourite topping. A sweet base provides a lovely contrast to salty toppings such as olives, ham or salami and will have you wanting more. You can also make your pizza gluten-free by buying wheat-free wraps at your local health store.

3. Beetroot relish hummus dip

Dips are quick, easy and best of all, healthy. Give the supermarket dips a miss tonight and try making your own. A way to make your own dip is to simply combine hummus with your favourite relish. Relishes are not only flavoursome, they are also perfect for adding colour and texture to homemade dips.

The next time you want a healthy snack for your next Netflix binge, give our beetroot relish hummus dip recipe a go. The dip only takes five minutes to prepare; simply blitz all the ingredients in a food processer until smooth. Any leftover dip can be stored safely in the fridge for three days so you can continue to snack healthily while watching the next season of your favourite show.

Lemon curd tarts

4. Lemon curd tarts

If the thought of making lemon curd tarts seem daunting, fear not. With a good store-bought lemon curd at your disposable, there is no reason why you can’t whip up a batch of these scrumptious tarts just before you sit to watch the next episode of Orange is the New Black.

To make your own lemon curd tarts in no time, simply purchase ready-to-bake shells from the supermarket; stir lemon curd and Greek yoghurt to make the filling and then scoop the filling into the shells.

5. Blackcurrant caramel yoghurt ice pops

Everyone likes frozen treats so this is the perfect snack for you to munch on if you literally want to Netflix and chill, so to speak. Our blackcurrant caramel yoghurt ice pops have been a blockbuster hit with our fans and they are indeed hard to resist.

The key to making a delicious ice pop is using a high-quality cordial made with real fruit. A good cordial will also contain less sugar, allowing the fruit flavours to truly shine. How’s that for a guilt-free treat?


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