These cocktails are so good you’ll need to Uber home


These days we’re all looking to develop healthier lifestyles, but we still need the odd comfort food treat or indulgent drink. Everything in moderation, as the saying goes. So, when it comes to celebrating with friends and family, for a special occasion or even just a ‘because life should be celebrated’ kind of indulgence, we want what we drink to be special, delicious, and worth skipping desert for (or maybe doing an extra gym session!).

Cocktails are indulgent works of art; the perfect way to treat yourself with something delicious. The only problem? So many different kinds to choose from! But never fear, the internet is here to help. Predicting new trends for the coming year,“The 50 best-selling cocktails in the world in 2019” lists old favourites, as well as new pleasures to try. Coming in at Number 1 (for the fifth year in a row), an Old Fashioned is an “American classic.” Its base of bourbon (or rye) provides a rich warm flavour with a real kick that is the key to this favourite. Combined with this, is a muddled a sugar cube, Angostura bitters, a few dashes of water, and a final flair of citrus rind. All of which gives you cocktail that goes down easy with finely balanced flavours.

In addition to trending favourites like an Old FashionedNegronior a Whiskey Sourthere are plenty of delicious options to try making at home. Twists on well-known favourites like the Citrus Melon Mojito, or a Blackcurrant, Lychee & Passionfruit Daiquiri (pictured above). Looking for something simpler? You can’t go past the Cuban Passion, with its easy recipe of White Rum, Guava juice, and Orange, Passionfruit & Barley cordial.

For those who prefer their drinks non-alcoholic, there are plenty of Mocktails to indulge in, there’s no need to miss out. Try an Orange, Passionfruit and Guava Mocktail, a Zesty Pineapple Slushy, or a Blackcurrant and Ginger Fizz.


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